Finally we arrive…

Another day of travel and loads of biltong along the way was the order of the day.

Our route out of Kimberley was via Douglas, Groblershoop, Upington, Ashkam and then into the Kgalagadi.

A mandatory stop to buy some Northern Cape biltong ensured we guzzled drinks all day to quench a continuous thirst!

A quick toilet stop in Upington and then onto Ashkam. This little one-road town has a damn fine quaint shop that sells all kinds of touristy-type foods and goods. Lovely home-made rusks were first on the list. I couldn’t help but buy an old-fashioned coffee mug. The enamel type. Ideal for coffee in the bush.

The windy road onto the Kgalagadi saw us falling in love with the beautiful social weaver nests on the telephone poles and the stunning red soil caused by the high oxide content in the soil. This is proper Kalahari country. Flat and boring yet interesting in another way. Farming here requires special reserves. Mentally it must be tough. Far from the hum-drum of a town and its offerings. Imagine the days when no Television existed! No wonder they had huge families in these parts.

Our arrival at Kgalagadi was none to soon. An airconditioned unit was just perfect. As was the little camp restaurant where we could eat together with sister Caren and Pete as well as niece Nicole and Ruan. 

Estelle jumped all over the oxtail and naturally I toiled my way through a cold Castle.

The little villa is perfect, the bed will be even better tonight after the trek of 17 hours of driving to get here. 

Tomorrow will see us head out early as the dawn breaks. The full moon tonight as always reminds me of home. Nothing beats seeing it rising up over the Indian ocean. 

Night night…

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