Why a SOLE Mandate?

Sellers far too often choose an open mandate when listing their properties believing that the more agents they have working on their property, the sooner they will achieve a good price. In reality, the opposite is often true.

A sole mandate ensures that your property becomes a top priority for your dedicated agent. A personalized marketing and advertising plan is developed to suit your needs and activities are monitored and controlled whereas with a group of agents from different companies you run the risk that none will put in the same time, effort and cost.

A sole agent allows buyers to compete on the property instead of agents competing for the sale, thereby maximizing the realized selling price. Continuous feedback from your agent allows for careful price management and the agent is fully and solely accountable to you for progress and results. Real estate managers allocate maximum resources to sole mandates, thereby achieving the greatest exposure for your property. Multiple agents also means multiple keys for access thereby compromising the security of your property.

Open mandate properties tend to be merely added to a list; agents are less accountable and buyers seek out the agent who will offer them the property at the lowest price.
Why compromise the sale of your most valuable asset? A sole mandate with full commission ensures that your valuable property transaction will receive the best service; top advertising and exposure; the greatest effort to source qualified buyers and ultimately, the best price.

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Avid reader, former international cricketer, passionate golfer, poor guitarist, husband, Dad; Grandfather, Passionate about Wildlife, Camper and a RE/MAX property Franchise owner on the KZN South Coast!
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